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Marketing 1.0

Mass marketing is in its third iteration. Marketing 1.0 was born in the 1950’s — the dawning of the Mad Men era when Push Marketing methodologies were created. In this model, brands had the Megaphone they used to deliver their monologue, telling consumers what to do with their extra cash. This is the model most brands and businesses still utilize today, even though it’s over fifty years old.

Marketing 2.0

The emergence of the internet saw the rise of Marketing 2.0. For the most part, this iteration entailed the mere bolting on of Marketing 1.0 methods to the emerging digital marketing space — print ads became banner ads, direct mail became mass email, and so on. Push marketing didn’t change, but the tools we use to distribute our message did.

Marketing 3.0

The social media revolution brought a sea change. We now make decisions and choices under the influence of Community — the Megaphone has been replaced by the Conversation. Instead of framing our lives in terms of consuming goods and services, we build organic relationships with brands. Strategic Social Marketing is the marketing model for both the present and the future — it is Marketing 3.0.

What makes us unique? We focus on creating differentiated awareness and authentic, targeted audience engagement that lead to conversion 
and fan retention.

The key to effective marketing is understanding the art and science of influencing people toward decisions that they feel good about. Marketing 1.0 was about coercion — Marketing 3.0 is about influence. We emphasize the human aspects of social media — understanding affinity groups, neuromarketing science, peer influence and more. Our emphasis is not on the technology, but on maximizing the technology in building and influencing the human network.
We utilize existing platforms in the creation of a custom virtual platform that match the brand DNA of our clients. Marketing 1.0 relied on the Big Three mass marketing platforms: TV, Radio and Print. Marketing 3.0 replaces those platforms with a Big Three of its own: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, in addition to a plethora of other affinity specific platforms. We utilize the ubiquity of these platforms as the basis of our marketing platform.
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