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The DNA of what we do and how we do it is rooted in our founder’s forty-four-years of experience in the music business. The entertainment industry long ago mastered the art and science of creating differentiation, awareness, engagement, conversion and retention in the methodology of breaking new artists, records and products.

In the music business, if an artist has an audience, they have a career.


Similarly, if a brand has an audience, they have a market position.

  • Dez Dickerson
    Dez DickersonPresident, CEODez is the founder, President and CEO of The Pavilion Group, a social marketing and music entertainment company engaged in the development, promotion and proliferation of brands, products and content. During his forty-four-year, multifaceted music and entertainment industry career, Dez has gained rare marketing insights and garnered titles including: artist, musician, producer, songwriter, record executive, label owner, artist manager, author and entrepreneur. Not to mention, his gig as the original guitarist with Warner Bros. recording act Prince and The Revolution.
  • Katelyn Corley
    Katelyn CorleySocial Marketing EngineerKatelyn uses her Public Relations background to help brands optimize their social media presence by curating great conversations — bridging the gap between brands and their potential fans. As a conscientious and ambitious individual, she’s often recognized for her commitment and loyalty. Those same traits keep us hearing ROLL TIDE daily. Lucky for you … we keep her around, anyway.

“You can spend your time on stage pleasing the heckler in the back, or you can devote it to the audience that came to hear you perform.”

Seth Godin

We are driven by a vision

From the early days when we played music “just because we loved it”, to realizing the “wow moment” when looking back on the meteoric rise of a pop icon — a rare marketing vision was brewing. The DNA of Pavilion Synergies is derived from principals gained while navigating the audience-centric music industry. Listen to Dez talk about what makes us so unique!

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