We Map the DNA of Your Brand

Your brand possesses DNA —all those traits that make it unique — and that DNA can be mapped. (If this sounds too ultra-tech, don’t worry we are not the NSA!) We’ll map the DNA of your brand and use that blueprint as the GPS to craft an executable social marketing plan centered around multi-tiered advertising campaigns rooted in the ever-evolving social space.

We will combine the power of social media, traditional marketing and strategic brand partnerships to create an affinity-specific, virally capable network through which we’ll build and retain brand audience on your behalf!

  • Map

  • Multiply

  • Manage

  • Monetize

Key Services

  • Brand DNA Mapping and Strategic Brand Differential
  • Brand Audience Identification
  • Strategic Brand Audience Segmentation
  • Brand Marketing Analysis
  • Strategic Social Marketing Architecture Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Custom Virtual Social Platform Design and Build-out
  • Strategic Campaign Development
  • Brand Audience Proliferation and Aggregation
  • Social and Digital Multi-channel Marketing Deployment and Implementation
  • Comprehensive Social, Digital and Conventional Marketing
  • Strategy Integration and Implementation
  • Audience Activation and Mobilization
  • Brand Engagement Management
  • Content Curation and Deployment
  • Brand Community Administration
  • Audience Database Collection and Management
  • Transactional Engagement
  • Incentive-based Retention
  • E-commerce Programs and Initiatives
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